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Some people may ask what a bike trailer is. A bike trailer is any type of motorless wheeled frame that is attached to your bicycle. Its main purpose is to increase the cargo capacity of your bicycle. If you often a lot of cargo on your bike then getting a trailer would be a great help.

SingleTrailerIf you plan to buy a bike trailer for your bicycle then make sure to have a specific idea on what you are going to use it for. There are different bike trailers available in the market for different purposes. The trailers could be designed to carry different types of cargo from a child passenger to canoes and kayaks.

As you purchase your first bike trailer it is advantageous to bring along the bike which you will attach it to. This way, you will be sure that the trailer would attach perfectly to your bike and that it could also handle it. Always buy the best bike trailer you can afford so that you would not be hassled by future breakdowns of the trailer. The cheaper the trailer the more easily it will fall apart especially if you use it often.


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